Re-purposed & Upcycled

Re-purposed vintage suitcase

Re-purposed vintage suitcase

I unashamedly admit that I love to scour second hand stores & garage sales for cute, quirky vintage items … even verge collections can unearth hidden treasures just begging for some love. (always ask permission from the owners PRIOR to said rummage)

The whole process of restoring or re-purposing your newly acquired treasure is a brilliant creative outlet…better than any over price therapy session I’d wager.

It’s a proud moment when you’ve saved a lovely vintage item & been able to give it new life.  Like an old friend returning home,you can feel a wink & a smile every time your eye passes over it.

And why should only we benefit from the fun of RE-PURPOSING vintage items?…how’s suitcasebed1about we show our furry friends some vintage love!  This is such a cute idea, I absolutely adore it!! What do you think?


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