Vintage Wisdom

We live in a society that worships excess in so many wasteful ways, and yet places little value on a healthy mind, body & soul.  Jennifer Lawrence has taken a stand regarding the emdemic issue of eating disorders. I say endemic & not “epidemic” because thisJennifer Lawrence Wisdom problem has not snuck up on the human race. It is not a disease that randomly consumes healthy men, women & children haphazardly.  It has become ingrained in our society. Developed by corporations through media.  Tolerated & encouraged by western society. Promoted as BEAUTY.

Should we, as the human race, not be less concerned with diets that starve, and more concerned with what comes out of our mouths?  Should we not be less concerned with what the media deems to be “beautiful”, and more concerned with having a beautiful mind & heart?  …the problem with aiming for “perfection” is that it can never be achieved.  We are imperfect beings. That’s what makes us beautiful.

C xxoo


2 thoughts on “Vintage Wisdom

  1. You failed to mention what a gorgeous little one piece she’s got on there… but on a more serious note, for those of us with daughters it is such a relief that there are beautiful women out there who are refusing to let media dictate the definition of beauty.Tara Lynn is one such beauty, I put a pic of her in my blog post here and asked if health and beauty were mutually exclusive. What do you think?

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