You know when you’re young you have this unfathomable notion that the world you are living in is new & fresh & exciting?  That feeling of breaking the style boundaries set by society & creating an exciting new look the world has never seen? …yeah, me neither!

Although I’m a lover of fashion, music & architecture I’ve always had an affinity for vintage things.  Growing up in historically beautiful Melbourne, Australia I can remember pouring through old photo albums (waaaayyy before the days of Instagram) at my grandparents & great-grandparents homes.  Playing dress-ups in their still pristine dresses from the 50’s & 60’s that they had sewn themselves & trying on countless clip-on earrings, bracelets & necklaces… along with, of course, the many lipsticks.  Being fascinated with their bureaus & buffets with their “secret” compartments for a hidden bar or even a record player.  Sitting at my grandmother’s dinette set, a round table edged in aluminium with a curved vinyl bench seat that hugged the corner wall (something that would be right at home in a 50’s diner), eating freshly baked scones with a cuppa.  I was embraced in a time capsule & showered with love…  Is it any wonder why I grew into the person I am today?

I was about 5yrs old when, following a practice run on one of my dolls, I decided I would be a hairdresser.  We, my mum, older brother & I, moved around a lot when I was young (9 times by the age of 11) but it gave me the opportunity to see many things & people.  From the tree clad hills on the outskirts of Melbourne & the small country town of Warracknabeal with it’s wheat fields & billabongs, to the beach side suburb of Black Rock with sand dunes, sandy cliffs & black rock pools teeming with life just waiting to be discovered.  I had a wonderful childhood with a mum who had already embraced (due to the fact that we were skint most of the time) the “Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose” mantra long before it became as popular as it is today.

After focusing on the arts & textile/fashion design at high school I sought out a hairdressing apprenticeship (which I landed thanks to my quirky fashion style) & embarked on my life plan:  4yrs as an apprentice hairdresser (in the wealthy & well connected suburbs of Hampton & Brighton, no less) under the watchful genius of John & Michelle Anthony & become fabulously talented;  1yr as a qualified + save up money;  travel to the UK & Europe working in salons to pay my way for 3-5yrs;  build a name for myself whilst abroad & hook into the stage/movie/photographic hair & makeup industry.  That was my MASTER PLAN!

But as we all know, life doesn’t always go to plan & in my 3rd year of said 4yr apprenticeship I had to quit due to debilitating dermatitis.  I lost my way for a good while. Feeling that my life, my future, had been ripped away from me.  But nothing could ruin the comforting love I had for all things vintage, my happy place.  I remained a hairdresser/stylist to my family & friends, always keeping my talents fresh… always leaning towards that vintage edge.

So, fast forward 24yrs, moving interstate several times, a marriage (recently ended), 6 kids & here we now are!  My kids, aged 10-20yrs old, are just brilliant!  They (and their friends) keep me both entertained & feeling young ❤

In July 2013 I accompanied my two eldest boys on a trip to the U.S.A. with their high school circus troupe.  I laundered & repaired the costumes on almost a daily basis; helped the boys with their makeup application techniques (a steep learning curve for teenage boys! Lol);  affixed countless false eyelashes as delightful, but flustered, girls knocked on my hotel room door at 7am & I soon realised why I was having so much fun…  my original career dreams were, if only in a small way, coming true.  As they performed at Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios & on Hollywood Blvd, my passion for vintage & rockabilly was ignited further.  Surrounded by iconic landmarks, restaurants & the people themselves I was inspired to bring my passion to the fore once again.

The result is a happier me. A me that is finding her dreams didn’t die all those years ago… rather, they’ve matured & evolved into My Vintage Edge.

Cass xxoo


2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Awesome 🙂 I used to love my Nan’s wardrobe when I was young, she had the most amazing winkle pickers, and evening frocks to die for. Sadly she got rid of them all when they immigrated to Australia.

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