A Simple Christmas Wish…

Or should that read: a wish for a simple Christmas?

Towards the end of October I start seeing stars, baubles and lights everywhere I look and I end up becoming a festive juggernaut before Halloween is even over! But because of a difficult year for our family financially I’ve needed to reassess my gung-ho approach to the festive season.  Thankfully I have amazing kids who understand the value (and sometimes lack of) money and never really ask for anything extravagant. They also share my love of all things pre-loved, hand-me-down, revamped, upcycled and homemade!

I really am SO blessed to have such beautiful people as my kids đź’–

So this year we are celebrating our very first “Thrifting Christmas”

This may seem a little strange, but hang in there with me and I’ll explain coz there’s a few simple rules…

GIFTS… Every gift must be

  1. Pre-loved / second-hand
  2. Collected from verge collection or acquired for free
  3. Upcycled, revamped, restored or handmade
  4. “Brown paper packages tied up with string”… wrap all gifts in brown paper (or old sheet music) with some cute ribbon – SO much cheaper, and so very cute!!

simple, but not cheap looking

sheet music wrapping

...tied up with string

brown paper packages with paper ribbon

HOME DECOR… Take everything down a notch

Stress less about getting your home festive fabulous by going with the “less is more” approach. This was hard for me to get my head around at first, but now I’ve totally embraced it! Here’s some ideas to inspire you to have a simplified festive season this year…

  1. Only hang gutter lighting plus one other lighted feature outside your home. Beautifully simple and simply beautiful… and did I mention QUICKER!

gutter lighting

images (30)

Simple Christmas lighting

simple outdoor lighting

2. Use an old wreath or make a fresh one with local foliage and team it with only battery powered lights and a single ribbon. Gorgeous!

images (29)

images (28)wreathswreathswreath

3. Try trimming your tree with only white lights (lots of them) and top with a star or angel. This was hard for me to wrap my head around at first, but now there’s no going back… it’s stunning!

images (26) images (22) images (21) Christmas tree with lights

4. Place candles (real or battery powered) in washed out jars and tin cans with some greenery and ribbon to enhance the festive atmosphere around your home.

candles in jars and cans

images (9)images (14)

images (11)

images (12)

5. Use the greenery surrounding your house and neighborhood to add crisp, fragrant life inside your home.

unnamed (7) unnamed (6) festive (and free) greenery

6. Put those now unused baubles inside a vase or bowl to spruce up lamp tables and mantles, you’d be surprised how brilliant this looks.

images (16) baubles in vases and bowls

baubles in a bowl

Christmas baubles on plate

7. Make festive bunting from old book pages, scrap paper, a Sharpie or stamps and hang on twine. Super cheap and easy (two of my fav things!)

bunting original_merry-christmas-bunting-with-pom-pomsil_170x135.527856675_mmv9 original_vintage-style-merry-christmas-hessian-buntingPrintableHolidayBunting-1christmas_bunting9

8. Create your own stylish chalkboard out of an ugly thrifted painting or print out some holiday typography on heavy card and put it in an old or thrifted frame. Pop them on your mantle or hang on the wall for instant Christmas cheer that costs you next to nothing!

Typography images (20) unnamed (9)

Most importantly, don’t get so caught up with preparations that you don’t get to spend time with those you love (it kinda defeats the purpose of the season). Get your family and friends involved. Share ideas. Be creative. Be inspired… but above all, have fun! after all, ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!!

Cass xx